Hot Seats. Nearly every casino has a “hot seat” promotion. But how do you bring the excitement online, to drive traffic to the casino floor? By using Instagram to facilitate a virtual “hide and seek” for adults. Guests were encouraged to post a picture of where they are on the casino floor right now, using #FindMePechanga on Instagram to show their location. If found, the guest wins an awesome prize! The result – customers winning on social media as well as on traditional hot seats on the same day, which resulted in our customers sharing their winning photos on Instagram with their friends and family. This strategy ended up being a great way to prove that a social media tool such as Instagram really does have the ability to get guests in the door, with fun photo evidence to back it up. In fact, these posts on social media resulted in a record-setting amount of engagement for any casino. In 2018, Pechanga won “Communicator of the Year” in 2013 by American Gaming Association for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ as a result of the efforts of the social media team.