Golden Whale Marketing manages digital and social media campaigns for multiple casinos. Our in-depth knowledge of digital media and casino gaming laws and regulations enables us to successfully run online marketing campaigns with amazing results. The following are some recent as well as past campaign examples.

Social Media Contests & Giveaways

Do contests on social media really work? When they are run correctly, they most definitely do! Besides gaining awareness and excitement for whatever you are promoting, contests offer the opportunity to collect email addresses. This grows your email database month over month, and therefore your marketing power. This Valentine’s Day contest alone gained 565 entries, …

Safety Campaign

Don’t just tell your guests that their safety is your #1 priority, show it! We showed behind-the-scenes photos and videos of our ‘clean team’ that sanitizes the property throughout the day. Our transparency and quick response to all concerns and questions was key to making our guests feel heard.

Exclusive Offers

By providing exclusive offers via social media, such as limited time only drink specials that are only advertised on social media, we are able to track drink sales linked to our social media accounts. Plus we encourage more social media followers, as this is the only way to find out about our exclusive offers. We’ve …

Sneak Peeks

Giving our loyal social media fans the first sneak peek has always lead to record-setting amounts of engagement and awareness. Whether it’s an event on the casino floor, or next month’s gifting promotion, we’re able to connect with our fans and they in turn share the excitement with all of their friends on social media.

Special ‘New Years Eve’ Casino Social Media Campaign

A 14- foot wide green-screen experience and some serious creativity created a social media campaign never to be forgotten on New Year’s Eve.  The results – thousands of Pechanga guests sharing their unique and creative Pechanga branded photos online through their Facebook accounts. Photo taken also simultaneously appeared on Pechanga’s Facebook page, in real-time. This …